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The Cambridge team
John Clarkson, Anna Mieczakowski, myself and Tanya Goldhaber
In December 2010, the CEO of BT Retail, Gavin Patterson, asked if research could be carried out at Cambridge to examine the impact of modern media and communications on families. The research was to look primarily at the UK, but to also examine the same research themes in the US, Australia and China. As there had been considerable speculation in the press, the research was to be presented to the World's press and media the following July. Importantly, this work was aimed at stimulating a debate based on real research and not on speculation or fear.
Following a literature review it was felt that to get the very latest thinking prior to carrying out interviews and surveys, experts should be questioned. These interviews with experts were so useful that they were published alongside the formal research findings.

Please click on the images below to access the books.

This book presents the views of twelve experts from a wide range of disciplines on the debate on the individual and societal effects of modern ICT.
This book is the full research report that includes a literature review, description of methods, and both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
This book is a summary of the research findings, i.e. a short report that summarises the main research results, data and conclusions.

Immediately after the presentation of the research at the Design Council, in London, Gavin Patterson and the lead researchers were filmed, talking about their findings.

The Communications Diet
BT in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, produced a simple guide for families using modern media and communications.

Media coverage of the Design Council event on the 5th of July 2011 was extensive……

BBC News item
TV - At 6pm on the evening of the event at the Design Council, the BBC broadcast a news item (click to access the BBC pages)
Radio - On the morning of the event Tanya Goldhaber spoke to local radio stations, this is her interview with Radio Cambridge.

News coverage

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