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Conversations, Conferencing and Collaboration
The Cambridge Research Team
Myself, Anna Mieczakowski and Joy Goodman-Deane
Following a request from BT and Dolby Labs an investigation was carried out by the University of Cambridge into the effectiveness of current teleconferencing and how this can be improved. The research was conducted in four countries, the UK, US, Australia and China, using both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to investigate professionals' use of conferencing systems.
As part of the research, five multidisciplinary experts (from areas such as co-operative work, human hearing, human-computer interaction and management) and ten representatives of multi-sector organisations with extensive experience of teleconferencing were interviewed. An online survey with 100 professionals, in each of the four participating countries, was also conducted to generalise the findings.
Notably, this research was aimed at identifying the key factors impacting on the effectiveness of conferencing meetings and distilling good practice recommendations.

Three books of results were published covering the UK, US and Asia Pacific regions. Please click on the images below to access the books.

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Asia Pacific results
US results
UK results

This research gathered a large amount of data about teleconferencing, so subsequently a research paper was published in the US journal - International Journal of Business Research and Development (IJBRD).

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GOODMAN-DEANE, J., MIECZAKOWSKI, A., PATMORE, J., CLARKSON, J.. Effective teleconferencing: An international investigation of the factors influencing the effectiveness of distributed meetings. International Journal of Business Research and Development (IJBRD), North America, 4, jul. 2015.

Teleconferencing Recommendations
BT and Dolby in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, produced a simple guide for UK users of teleconferencing.
More on this can be seen at,

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