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Culture, Communication and Change
An investigation of the use and impact of modern media and technology in our lives

Anna and Jeff at Janet

Modern communication technology makes it possible to stay connected anywhere, all the time, and the flow of information is nearly limitless. With all the benefits afforded by this new found capability, however, come potential consequences. Following the ever increasing flow of information through our computers, televisions, and phones has been a stream of concerns about the change in how we, as humans, communicate. Will the new ways in which we acquire, process, and relate information in turn change us as individuals, families, and societies?

The University of Cambridge, in partnership with BT, ran an international research project investigating these questions. Importantly, this work was aimed at stimulating a debate based on real research and not on speculation or fear.

The research was published and presented to the world's press and media in July 2011 and the following April at the JANET Networkshop 40 Event, Jeff Patmore and Dr Anna Mieczakowski were asked to talk about the research and their findings.

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